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From 1992, Premier Cargo gives services of air logistics. Premier Cargo is a member of IATA (International Association of Air Transport) and is an authorized issuer of Air Way bill. Premier Cargo possesses an extensive network of own agents and capacity of management of special sending and Charter flights. Premier Cargo is employed at narrow relation with the major airlines of the world to offer integral solutions to his clients for air sending of any goods as well as for the management of baggages and sending and receipt of suitcases. Premier Cargo is a member of:

IATA International Association of the Air Transport for the promotion of the safety, reliability, confidence and economy in the air transport.


WFG (World Freight Group), network of logistic correspondents in 137 countries, audited anually to accredit his care, capacity, reliability and professionalism.


WBN, (World Baggage Network) specialists in personal effects and suitcases.


Ate for the continued improvement of the logistic sector.